29 June 2008

Eleh "Homage to the Square Wave" LP available now!

The latest LP from Eleh is available now and ready to order.  This will not be available in stores until 22 July 2008 but you can get it now through TAIGA mailorder.  The first 100 copies come with a special screenprint and are only available to those who order direct.  Also, consider ordering our first three releases together and save on shipping.  Note: all TAIGA releases are pressed on 200 gram virgin vinyl.

Available now:

TAIGA 4 - Eleh Homage to the Square Wave LP postage-paid /// USA = 20 USD /// CAN&MEX = 25 USD /// ROW = 30 USD
*the first 100 come with screenprints and are available on a first come, first served basis.

TAIGA 2 - Rafael Toral Space Solo 1 LP postage-paid /// USA = 15 USD /// CAN&MEX = 20 USD /// ROW = 25 USD
*available on both clear (ltd 100) and transparent red (ltd 400) vinyl.

TAIGA 1 - Rafael Toral Space 2xLP postage-paid /// USA = 20 USD /// CAN&MEX = 25 USD /// ROW = 35 USD
*available on both clear (ltd 100) and black (ltd 400) vinyl.

package of TAIGA 4 + TAIGA 2 + TAIGA 1 postage-paid /// USA = 50 USD /// CAN&MEX = 60 USD /// ROW = 70 USD

Remember to include a note with your payment that lists what you are ordering.

If using paypal, please send funds in USD to: info@taigarecords.com

If using money order, check or cash (sent at your own risk), send to:

TAIGA records
PO Box 581032
Minneapolis, MN

14 June 2008

Eleh "Homage to the Square Wave" LP jackets

The custom letterpressed jackets are finished for the Eleh "Homage to the Square Wave" LP.  They were printed by Studio on Fire right here in Minneapolis (www.studioonfire.com).  The jackets were printed flat on a 100% post consumer waste stock and then die-cut, folded and glued resulting in a letterpressed jacket with a printed spine!  Now we are just waiting for the vinyl to arrive.  These will be available on or before 1 July 2008.  There will be a post when this release is completed and at that point we will start taking orders.