15 December 2009

TAIGA 8 is sold out

TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants 2xLP is now sold out.

Our distributors, Forced Exposure and Metamkine currently have copies available.

Also, the members of Lotus Eaters, Stephen O'Malley, James Plotkin and Aaron Turner have limited quantities of gold vinyl to disperse at their discretion.

11 December 2009

Support small, independent businesses

Matt from Hinter Records in Ohio just got in touch and informed me that he has copies of the out of print Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP for sale in his tiny internet store.

08 December 2009

Lotus Eaters 2LP gold vinyl sold out

Lotus Eaters 2LP gold vinyl version is sold out. We have a handful of black vinyl left for mailorder.

03 December 2009

MAP test pressing / Lotus Eaters almost gone

The test pressings for our next release, TAIGA 9 - MAP Fever Dream 2xLP arrived today. It is a 3-sided double LP with D-side etching which is pictured above. MAP is Mary Halvorson, Tatsuya Nakatani and Reuben Radding. Fever Dream is a vinyl-only release and is scheduled to be finished manufacturing in January 2010.

Also, please be aware there are only 5 gold and 8 black vinyl copies of the Lotus Eaters 2xLP left.

26 November 2009

Last dates of ISIS EU tour / GOLD vinyl

While supplies last, Isis will have the gold vinyl version of the Lotus Eaters 2xLP available for purchase on the last dates of their EU tour.

6-11-09 Sala Apolo Barcelona (Spa) + Dälek + Keelhaul
27-11-09 Sala Penelope Madrid (Spa) + Dälek + Keelhaul
28-11-09 Incrivel Almadense Lisbon (Por) + Circle + Keelhaul
29-11-09 Teatro Sa Da Bandeira Porto (Por) + Circle + Keelhaul
01-12-09 Rock Star Live Bilbao (Spa) + Circle + Keelhaul
02-12-09 Bt59 Bordeaux (Fra) + Circle + Keelhaul
03-12-09 Trabendo Paris (Fra) + Circle + Keelhaul
04-12-09 Substage Karlsruhe (Ger) + Circle + Keelhaul
05-12-09 Trix Antwerp (Bel) + Circle + Keelhaul
06-12-09 Vera Groningen (Net) + Circle + Keelhaul
07-12-09 Postbahnhof Berlin (Ger) + Circle + Keelhaul

16 November 2009

White/silver marble is sold out.

The white/silver marble version of the Lotus Eaters 2xLP is sold out. Gold and black versions are still available: www.taigarecords.com/shop

14 November 2009

13 November 2009

10 November 2009

Lotus Eaters available to order on Friday

TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control For Infants 2xLP will be added to our online shop and finally available to purchase on Friday, November 13, 2009. www.taigarecords.com

03 November 2009

Lotus Eaters 2xLP update

Almost 4 months have passed since the Eleh "Sine Wave" LP was released and it has felt like an eternity. The Lotus Eaters "Mind Control for Infants" 2xLP is the most custom project we have undertaken as far as manufacturing is concerned. We appreciate the patience of everyone who has been waiting for this release for months. The jackets would have arrived here this week but there were more manufacturing delays due to the complicated nature of the project. All of the kinks have now been ironed out with the jackets. They should be finished and heading to Minneapolis by the end of the week. We'll start taking orders as soon as we have confirmed that the jackets are completed and we should be able to start shipping them out next week. An announcement will be made here once we have set an official date to begin taking orders. Again, thanks for the patience, it will be worth the wait.

19 October 2009

Lotus Eaters vinyl arrived today.

The vinyl arrived from the pressing plant today. We are still waiting for the jackets and printed innersleeves to be finished. Once we have a solid date for when those will arrive, we will begin taking orders.

All copies are pressed on 200g virgin vinyl and come in Goldring Exstatic poly-lined paper sleeves.

100 white & silver marble /// 300 gold /// 600 black

17 September 2009


Titles 8, 9 & 10 have been confirmed.
8 is currently being manufactured.
Release dates are flexible.

TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants 2xLP October 2009
TAIGA 9 - MAP Fever Dream 2xLP December 2009
TAIGA 10 - Douglas Quin Fathom LP February 2010

Lotus Eaters is Stephen O'Malley, James Plotkin & Aaron Turner.
MAP is Mary Halvorson, Reuben Radding & Tatsuya Nakatani.
Douglas Quin is an internationally renowned field recordist.

Why we use poly-lined paper sleeves.


Goldring Exstatic Polylined Record Inner Sleeve.

08 September 2009

Lotus Eaters visual stimulations

Visit ideologic and feral pig to find the layout for the Lotus Eaters 2xLP (minus labels).

21 August 2009

Lotus Eaters 2LP vinyl colors

Lotus Eaters Mind Control For Infants 2xLP

edition of 1000

all copies on audiophile quality 200g virgin vinyl.

100 - white & silver marble
300 - gold
600 - black

08 August 2009

Lotus Eaters jacket samples

Samples of the Lotus Eaters jacket stock. It is a Stoughton tip-on jacket with the outside wrapped in brown linen that will be printed in a yet to be determined way with a photograph mounted on the front. The inside will be a 2 color print on uncoated paper and the jacket will be bound on a raw cardboard stock.

01 August 2009

TAIGA 9 - MAP "Fever Dream" 2xLP

Following TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control For Infants 2xLP will be a 2xLP by the trio MAP titled Fever Dream. The trio is comprised of Mary Halvorson, guitar, Reuben Radding, bass and Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion. They have previously released a self-titled album on CD with a different bassist, Clayton Thomas, on Tatsuya's label, H&H Productions. Fever Dream will be available in an edition of 1000 as a 3-sided double LP in gatefold jacket. The album is tentatively scheduled to be available in October or November 2009.

26 July 2009

taiga records twitter


Respecting a few requests, taiga records has now launched a twitter page. The majority of visitors will find the information posted to be quite mundane but whoever finds segments of engagement, this is for you.

25 July 2009

Next: TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters 2xLP

The next taiga records release will be a double LP by Lotus Eaters (Stephen O'Malley, James Plotkin & Aaron Turner). It is tentatively scheduled to be finished in September 2009. More details to follow soon.

20 July 2009

Rafael Toral live in Minneapolis 3/3

For best results, launch in a new window and watch in HD

19 July 2009

Rafael Toral live in Minneapolis 2/3

For best results, launch in a new window and watch in HD.

18 July 2009

Rafael Toral live in Minneapolis 1/3

For best results, launch in a new window and watch in HD.

14 July 2009


TAIGA 7 - Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP is completely sold out. Our distributors, Forced Exposure in North America andMetamkine in Europe, will have copies available for a limited time. Important Records, Second Layer and Volcanic Tongue also have limited quantities of this release.

11 July 2009

TAIGA 7 screenprint edition is SOLD OUT.

It's official now, the TAIGA 7 screenprint edition is sold out. The regular edition is still available at the moment but disappearing quickly. Head over to our shop and grab a copy while supplies last.

09 July 2009

TAIGA 7 screenprint edition sold out BUT...

We will have some extra copies of the screenprint edition for sale due to people ordering more than one and others canceling their orders. Contact info@taigarecords.com if you are interested. We will check the inventory and get back to you sometime this evening.

08 July 2009

Eleh "Homage to the Sine Wave" LP available now!

TAIGA 7 - Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP is now available in our shop.

The first 100 copies include a screenprint designed by John Brien of Important Records. The prints are 3-color on 12x12 inch thick paper and are signed & numbered by John. They were printed by Neil Burke at Monoroid. *The LPs including the print are slightly more expensive than the standard edition.

The new Sine Wave LP is the second in a series that began with Homage to the Square Wave, which was released almost exactly one year ago. Like Square Wave, this new LP comes housed in a 2-color letterpress jacket printed by Studio on Fire. They were printed flat on 160lb 100% post-consumer waste stock, die-cut, folded and glued resulting in a letterpressed jacket with a printed spine. The Sine Wave LP was pressed on 200g virgin vinyl that was mastered by James Plotkin, cut direct to metal and released in a hand-numbered edition of 500.

We are also offering a package deal of our 4 other currently available releases at a discounted price.

05 July 2009

ELEH Sine Wave LP on sale July 8, 2009

TAIGA 7 - Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP will be available in our store on Wednesday, July 8, 2009.  A specific time has not been set but it will be posted sometime during the evening, Minneapolis style.  In addition, a package option will be available to add all of our other available titles at a discounted price.  We'll post photos and more specific information here on July 8.

20 June 2009

Die modifications for letterpressed LP jacket

On the table there are two jackets seen from the bottom.  The top jacket is the Square Wave LP and the bottom is a sample of the upcoming Sine Wave LP.  We manufactured a die to cut the Square Wave jackets after they were letterpressed but there was one detail that was not quite right.  There was only one score on the top and bottom of the jacket for the glue tabs to fold in and there were two reasons this was not ideal.  Most importantly, this single fold made it a challenge to slide the thick 200 gram record in and out of the sleeve.  Additionally, on a cosmetic note, it created an unattractive extremely slender triangle shape from the spine to the opening.  Since the same die was being used to cut the Sine Wave LP jackets, we modified it to eliminate these issues by adding an additional score to each glue tab.  The sample shows not only a positive result but a vast improvement.  Heavyweight vinyl slides in and out easily while the top and bottom now look boxed-out, solid and rectangular.

19 June 2009

Giuseppe Ielasi article in The Wire, July 2009

If there are any TAIGA records related articles floating around, don't be afraid to send notification to info@taigarecords.com.  There are a hardy number of publications out there and we can't skim them all so any tips will be greatly appreciated.

18 June 2009

Sine Wave limited screenprint

Here is an image of the screenprint design that will be included with the first 100 copies of the soon to be released new Eleh LP.  Like the limited Square Wave print, these were designed by John Brien of Important Records, they will be 12 x 12 inches and are being printed by Neil Burke at Monoroid.

17 June 2009

Further proof of the new ELEH LP

The 100% post-consumer waste 160lb paper stock made by Smart Genesis was the cause of delay in getting the new Eleh LP jackets printed.  The paper was out of stock from the manufacturer and production of it was continually delayed.  This is the same stock we used for the Square Wave LP jackets and because consistency is key with these releases, compromises were not made.  Finally produced and delivered to the printer, here it is in action, being letterpressed at Studio on Fire.  There is only one place in Minneapolis that has a large enough press to print something this big.  They also keep a blog called Beast Pieces that is vigorously updated and rich with information.  Continually churning out impressive print work and divulging the delicate intricacies of the process on their blog, Studio on Fire is something to be cherished.  

16 June 2009

ELEH Sine Wave LP /// TAIGA 7 manifesting

TAIGA 7 - Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP has been delayed on multiple manufacturing fronts but it is finally manifesting.  We have the finished LPs in our "warehouse."  The jackets are currently being letterpressed.  The limited screenprint that will be included with the first 100 copies is also currently being printed.  The street date for this release is 21 July 2009 but we are hoping to offer it via mailorder around late June or early July.

04 May 2009

RAFAEL TORAL 2009 North American Tour etc.

RAFAEL TORAL 2009 North American Tour

08 /// EMPAC, RPI, Troy, NY
10 /// Mobius, Boston, MA
12 /// Hop Hop, Lexington, KY
13 /// Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, OH
14 /// Ohio State University, Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH
16 /// No Fun Fest, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
17 /// Home-room, Downtown Manhattan, NY
18 /// Bowerbird event at The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA
19 /// Art of This, Minneapolis, MN
22 /// Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Ciudad de Mexico CANCELLED
23 /// Centro Cultural de Espana, Ciudad de Mexico CANCELLED

more information available at: Live | Rafael Toral


DEEP LISTENING BAND 2xLP sold out & 20th anniversary performances

TAIGA 5 - Deep Listening Band Then & Now Now & Then 2xLP is now sold out.

The Deep Listening Band still has copies available though.  Visit Deep Listening Institute to order a copy or pick one up at an upcoming 20th anniversary performance:

23 /// Chapel of the Good Shepard, Seattle, WA


Upcoming releases

TAIGA 7 - ELEH Homage to the Sine Wave LP

***This was originally intended for a April 2009 release but due to manufacturing delays has been pushed back to May or June.  When a solid release date is secured, it will be announced here.

TAIGA 8 - LOTUS EATERS Mind Control for Infants 2xLP out July 2009.

***Lotus Eaters is Stephen O'Malley, James Plotkin & Aaron Turner.  This double vinyl release will feature alternate takes/mixes to the CD version and a bonus track.  More details soon.

More releases on the horizon from MAP (Mary Halvorson, Tatsuya Nakatani, Reuben Radding), DOUGLAS QUIN, TOM RECCHION and TIMELESS PULSE TRIO (George Marsh, Pauline Oliveros, Jennifer Wilsey).

Stay tuned.

07 March 2009

TAIGA 6 - Giuseppe Ielasi "(another) stunt" 12" available now!

TAIGA 6 - Giuseppe Ielasi (another) stunt 12" available now!

A limited edition of 100 copies on transparent orange and 400 copies on black, all 500 were pressed on 200g virgin vinyl.  This release was mastered and cut to lacquer by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.  It comes packaged in a jacket printed on heavy stock, UV gloss finished and featuring a photograph by Italian artist Amedeo Martegani.  Co-released with Schoolmap.

Now available for purchase in the TAIGA records shop.

Also, The Deep Listening Band 2xLP on green vinyl is sold out.  We only have 4 copies of the black version left.

TAIGA 7 - Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP will be available in late April or early May.

More upcoming releases planned with Lotus Eaters, Douglas Quin, Tom Recchion, etc.

Rafael Toral is touring North America in May 2009.  A full schedule will be posted once all dates are confirmed.

07 January 2009


Upcoming in 2009:

TAIGA 6 - Giuseppe Ielasi (another) stunt 12" EP /// a split release with Schoolmap.

TAIGA 7 - Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP /// the second release in the Homage series.

TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control For Infants 2xLP /// reissue with alternate takes and bonus material.

Rafael Toral will be touring North America.

and more...

Specific release and event details to follow shortly.

In the meantime, a review of the Deep Listening Band 2xLP featured in The Stranger, Seattle.