15 December 2009

TAIGA 8 is sold out

TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants 2xLP is now sold out.

Our distributors, Forced Exposure and Metamkine currently have copies available.

Also, the members of Lotus Eaters, Stephen O'Malley, James Plotkin and Aaron Turner have limited quantities of gold vinyl to disperse at their discretion.

11 December 2009

Support small, independent businesses

Matt from Hinter Records in Ohio just got in touch and informed me that he has copies of the out of print Eleh Homage to the Sine Wave LP for sale in his tiny internet store.

08 December 2009

Lotus Eaters 2LP gold vinyl sold out

Lotus Eaters 2LP gold vinyl version is sold out. We have a handful of black vinyl left for mailorder.

03 December 2009

MAP test pressing / Lotus Eaters almost gone

The test pressings for our next release, TAIGA 9 - MAP Fever Dream 2xLP arrived today. It is a 3-sided double LP with D-side etching which is pictured above. MAP is Mary Halvorson, Tatsuya Nakatani and Reuben Radding. Fever Dream is a vinyl-only release and is scheduled to be finished manufacturing in January 2010.

Also, please be aware there are only 5 gold and 8 black vinyl copies of the Lotus Eaters 2xLP left.