17 September 2009


Titles 8, 9 & 10 have been confirmed.
8 is currently being manufactured.
Release dates are flexible.

TAIGA 8 - Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants 2xLP October 2009
TAIGA 9 - MAP Fever Dream 2xLP December 2009
TAIGA 10 - Douglas Quin Fathom LP February 2010

Lotus Eaters is Stephen O'Malley, James Plotkin & Aaron Turner.
MAP is Mary Halvorson, Reuben Radding & Tatsuya Nakatani.
Douglas Quin is an internationally renowned field recordist.

Why we use poly-lined paper sleeves.


Goldring Exstatic Polylined Record Inner Sleeve.

08 September 2009

Lotus Eaters visual stimulations

Visit ideologic and feral pig to find the layout for the Lotus Eaters 2xLP (minus labels).