30 March 2010

Tatsuya Nakatani Solo USA 2010 / April 3 in MPLS

Tatsuya Nakatani of MAP recently left for a 4 month solo tour across the USA. His ever evolving schedule is available here.

From the Chicago Reader:

Tatsuya Nakatani is no punk, but he's a self-sufficient road dog on par with the Minutemen, who famously declared "We jam econo." The Osaka-born, Pennsylvania-based percussionist is in the middle of a four-month tour he booked himself, which will take him across the country and down to Mexico; along the way he'll be selling his self-released CDs and sometimes sleeping in his Honda Element. During his three days in Chicago this week he'll play with locals in configurations that will showcase his mastery both of egoless collaboration and of solitary performance. On Fever Dream (Taiga), a new double LP by the improvising trio MAP, Nakatani's strategically placed drum strikes and rushes of clattering metal mesh with Reuben Radding's groaning double bass, Mary Halvorson's tight knots of guitar notes, and potent silences to form constantly shifting, perfectly balanced tableaux. And his latest solo CD, Abiogenesis (on his own H&H label), is a study of economy; many of its 15 tracks make concise, compelling statements using just one element of his percussion setup, which usually includes metal bowls, three drums, a homemade bow, and two sizable gongs (which he's bringing with him on tour for the first time). Tonight he'll play duets with pianist Ben Boye at Heaven Gallery, which recently acquired a grand piano. Tomorrow he'll play solo on WNUR at 11 AM; see also Wednesday. 8 PM, Heaven Gallery, 1550 N. Milwaukee, second floor, heavengallery.com, donation requested. —Bill Meyer

On the last night of his visit to Chicago, percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani will perform solo, as will reedist Edward Wilkerson Jr. For the evening's first set, Nakatani will play alone, then in a duo with Wilkerson. For the second set Wilkerson will play alone (the first time he's done so in concert), then in a trio with Nakatani and bassist Joshua Abrams. 9:30 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433 or 866-468-3401, $7. —Bill Meyer

29 March 2010

To the Best of Our Knowledge / Douglas Quin

Wisconsin Public Radio program To the Best of Our Know Knowledge presents Polar Stories featuring Douglas Quin.

Douglas Quin is an award-winning sound designer, naturalist and composer. His latest project is called "Fathom." It's an album of underwater field recordings from the Polar regions of the earth. Quin plays some of his favorites for Anne Strainchamps and talks about them with her.

Douglas Quin Fathom LP, available April 2010.

23 March 2010

Recent magazine action

Article on Eleh, "Sensations of Tone" in The Wire 314, April 2010

Columbia University School of the Arts honors 2009 William Schuman Award winner Pauline Oliveros w/ Deep Listening Band, International Contemporary Ensemble, Timeless Pulse and Triple Point. Saturday, March 27, 8:00 PM, Miller Theater, Columbia University, Broadway & 116th St. From Signal to Noise #57, Spring 2010

Forced Exposure new releases highlight, MAP Fever Dream 2xLP, Signal to Noise #57, Spring 2010

22 March 2010

RAFAEL TORAL, new LP out now, TAIGA 10!

Rafael Toral Space Elements Vol. II LP is now available at www.taigarecords.com. Go there to find the full layout, an audio sample and press PDF. It is available on both opaque red (ltd 100) and clear (ltd 400). There are also a couple of package deals in the shop.

For an alternate audio sample to the one on our website, visit our myspace page.

15 March 2010

TAIGA 10, now in Europe, soon in North America.

Pictured above, the limited to 100 opaque red version of TAIGA 10 - Rafael Toral Space Elements Vol. II LP, photographed by the artist.

Metamkine has copies of TAIGA 10 available in Europe.

Forced Exposure will soon have copies available in North America.

When the record arrives in Minneapolis, sometime this week, they will also be available through TAIGA mailorder.