06 September 2008

Multifaceted update

TAIGA 3 - Rafael Toral Space Elements Vol. I LP is now finished and en route to our base.  It will be available for sale the week of September 15, 2008.  Photos and ordering details will be posted here at that time.  All copies come on 200g vinyl with 100 on transparent blue and 400 on clear.  An audio sample is now available at: www.myspace.com/taigarecords
TAIGA 5 - Deep Listening Band Then & Now Now & Then: Celebrating 20 Years 2xLP is now in the production phase.  This double LP release will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl and packaged in a double-wide spine jacket and a custom slipcover designed specifically for this release.  This will be finished in late October.  More details to follow soon. 

In other news, TAIGA 4 - Eleh Homage to the Square Wave LP is now sold out.  The remaining copies were recently shipped to Forced Exposure who is now our exclusive distributor in North America.  All of our titles will soon be available from them.

Finally, we have upcoming releases from Eleh, the next release in the Homage series and a new EP from Giuseppe Ielasi, the follow-up to his recent Stunt vinyl release.