03 November 2009

Lotus Eaters 2xLP update

Almost 4 months have passed since the Eleh "Sine Wave" LP was released and it has felt like an eternity. The Lotus Eaters "Mind Control for Infants" 2xLP is the most custom project we have undertaken as far as manufacturing is concerned. We appreciate the patience of everyone who has been waiting for this release for months. The jackets would have arrived here this week but there were more manufacturing delays due to the complicated nature of the project. All of the kinks have now been ironed out with the jackets. They should be finished and heading to Minneapolis by the end of the week. We'll start taking orders as soon as we have confirmed that the jackets are completed and we should be able to start shipping them out next week. An announcement will be made here once we have set an official date to begin taking orders. Again, thanks for the patience, it will be worth the wait.