18 February 2010


TAIGA 10 - Rafael Toral Space Elements Vol. II LP = March 2010

Space Elements Vol. II is the fourth release in Rafael Toral’s ongoing project, the Space Program. Following the first "Elements" release, this volume features a new set of collaborators: Evan Parker (soprano sax), Manuel Mota (guitar), Afonso Simões (drums), Stefano Tedesco (vibraphone), João Paulo Feliciano (rhodes piano), and Ruben Costa (digital synthesizer), as well as returning guests Sei Miguel (trumpet), César Burago (percussion), Fala Mariam (trombone), and Rute Praça (cello). Space Elements Vol. II displays a melodic quality that, along with a refined management of silence, marks a new area and consolidates the Space Program's complex network. Its spaciousness is explained in Toral’s liner notes: “While finding ways to make decisions on sound emission, it became evident to me that such sounds should have a reason to exist, they should be essential and necessary.” 
Dan Warburton's writing in the Wire about Space fits Space Elements Vol. II perfectly: "The melodic logic that drives certain instruments within "Space" also recalls birdsong, with dense, convoluted runs of twittering melody ending in single piping notes, as spontaneous as Messiaen's birdsong transcriptions were painstaking and meticulous."
Toral's music is a jazz-inspired reevaluation of live electronics: "Despite working in a sound world that is cosmetically closer to R2D2’s vocabulary than Louis Armstrong’s or John Coltrane’s, Toral has claimed a kinship to jazz because it models instant music making within a disciplined framework" (Bill Meyer, Dusted); "Toral is looking for nothing less than a totally fresh language to work in" (The Wire).
Space Elements Vol. II was mastered direct to metal from 24-bit files and pressed on clear 200 gram virgin-vinyl.  With design by Helder Luis at NOTYPE, the LP features a collage by João Paulo Feliciano.  Presented in a limited edition of 500.  CD Version available on Staubgold.

TAIGA 11 - Douglas Quin Fathom LP = April/May 2010

Fathom, an album of underwater field recordings from the polar regions of Earth, by Douglas Quin, to be released on vinyl in April 2010. TAIGA records presents this LP, mastered by James Plotkin, cut direct to metal from 24-bit wav files and pressed on 200-gram virgin vinyl for ultimate detail and clarity. Arctic on one side, Antarctic on the other, over 40 minutes of unbelievable natural sounds from areas of our planet that few of us will visit. Packaged in custom letterpress materials printed by Studio on Fire featuring drawings by Mitchell Dose and an essay by René van Peer.

TAIGA 12 - Lotus Eaters Wurmwulv 2x12" = May/June 2010

Featuring new artwork by Stephen Kasner, more details soon.


TAIGA 13 - Eleh Homage to the Triangle Wave LP
TAIGA 14 - Timeless Pulse Trio TBA 2xLP