20 June 2009

Die modifications for letterpressed LP jacket

On the table there are two jackets seen from the bottom.  The top jacket is the Square Wave LP and the bottom is a sample of the upcoming Sine Wave LP.  We manufactured a die to cut the Square Wave jackets after they were letterpressed but there was one detail that was not quite right.  There was only one score on the top and bottom of the jacket for the glue tabs to fold in and there were two reasons this was not ideal.  Most importantly, this single fold made it a challenge to slide the thick 200 gram record in and out of the sleeve.  Additionally, on a cosmetic note, it created an unattractive extremely slender triangle shape from the spine to the opening.  Since the same die was being used to cut the Sine Wave LP jackets, we modified it to eliminate these issues by adding an additional score to each glue tab.  The sample shows not only a positive result but a vast improvement.  Heavyweight vinyl slides in and out easily while the top and bottom now look boxed-out, solid and rectangular.